President - Owner
General Contractor
Master Builder and Waterproofer


CFO - Owner
Office and Project Manager
Builder and Waterproofer


Vice President



Boncore Builders, Inc. is a family owned and operated business that offers residential and commercial waterproofing, home and commercial remodels, projects, and upgrades. Serving the San Francisco and South Bay Area.

Owners Dominick and Tami Boncore met in 2012. Dominick was an independent licensed general contractor in his seventh year along with thirty years of waterproof experience. Tami worked for her family's jewelry business that was established by her grandfather in 1937 for twenty-five years in customer relations, design, marketing, and business management. Dominick is an artist builder and knowledgeable waterproofer who needed help running, managing, and promoting the business. And Tami always dreamt of having a business of her own. After endless contemplating, Tami traded in diamonds and pearls for toolbelts and power drills. Boncore Builders, Inc. was born, established in 2014.

In 2016 Dom Boncore, the eldest Boncore son, joined Boncore Builders. After five years of construction, waterproof, and being a foreman and managing a crew for a foundation repair company Dom decided that the family business was for him. And he follows his dad's footsteps. Dom's priority is quality. Dom is an amazing asset to Boncore Builders.

Excitingly, Hayley Foskett, Dom's girl, joined the Boncore Builders team. Hayley is a talented, dedicated, and strong builder and waterproofer in training. She brings a tough feminine side to the jobsite. Look ouy boys, one day Hayley will build you under the table.

Dominick's approach to building and waterproofing is, "Build like I'm building for mom." Tami's business approach is, "Whoever we do business with is family." Boncore Builders builds lovingly and with longevity. When Boncore Builders builds for you, you're family, you get exactly what you want, and built right the first time. Guaranteed.